Driver On Demand

We maintain a pool of qualified drivers that are at your service on a moment's notice.

Our on-demand drivers are regularly assessed to ensure we meet quality standards. You will earn unparalleled quality, security and confidentiality guarantee.

Extensive Portfolio

VDrive was originally created to serve business travelers. Over the past year our private client portfolio has grown as our clients have extended the service into their private lives and shared their experiences with family and friends.

We are honoured of being trusted with transport for elderly parents, young families, disabled travellers and overseas guests. We treat every request with great respect and utmost commitment.

Trusted Driver Network

Every driver in our network is recruited selectively and extensively screened.

Each driver has been examined through a track record of positive reviews from clients like you.

We always match you with our best pick, no new recruit or temporary placement.

Outsourcing & Management

VDrive offers a cost effective alternative to meet your peek demands and avoid a full time employed driver being under utilized at quiet times.

With VDrive you get an estimated hourly rate with no hidden costs, also eliminates the hassle of employee management, payroll and taxes, tracking hours, unemployment and benefits.

We ensure your drivers follow best industry practices. With less employees to manage, outsourcing helps to lower overhead costs, reduce your HR and accounting workload, and increase efficiency in your business.

Pricing & Security

VDrive offers affordable services with transparent pricing. Each booking request you make will instantly show the base cost plus hourly rate and surcharge of your choice. Other extras that may be incurred in transit are clearly outlined in our Terms and Conditions.

VDrive has partnered with senangPay in order to provide secure online payments. SenangPay is a secure payments provider registered with Bank Negara Malaysia. All payments are facilitated automatically via their payment gateway.

Scheduling Your Ride


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Driver details will be sent within 24h

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