Interview & Matching

Pre-employment interview is an important process to gather driver’s information and observe the driver’s behaviors and attitude. All drivers profile will be matched with principal requirements from few categories:

  • Location
  • Vehicle Model
  • Job Scope of drivers
  • Special requirements

Background Check

As an employer, it is in your interest to the background of your prospective personal driver and not relies on what is declared to you. Lots of people are just simply judge and trust by what the drivers said. Performing a background check may an arduous process but screening process help to reduce the risk of hiring the wrong candidates and increase the probability in hiring the right candidates who fit with you and your family.
Our checking are specific to personal driver and bodyguard which cover:

  • ID Check
  • Macc Check
  • Due Diligence Check
  • Personal Credit History
  • Insolvency Search
  • Driving License Validity
  • Driver Record Abstract

Health Investigation Report

By conducting the pre-employment medical check-up, companies can get a detailed analysis of their prospective employees’ health status. This will identify any existing conditions that might interfere with doing their future job whilst also ensuring that the prospective employees are physically capable of performing the jobs assigned to them. Moreover, it can also determine whether prospective employees can safely perform a job, reduce insurance claims, and reduce other related medical costs. The urine drug test is a very important test as it screens for drugs including cocaine, nicotine, marijuana etc. Employers prefer this test to eliminate candidates who have drug-related problems, as their addictive nature can create problems in the work environment and can lead to unnecessary problems in a healthy workplace. Our checking are specific to personal driver and bodyguard which cover:

  • Blood Test (random blood sugar, lipid profile, renal profile)
  • Visual Check
  • Urine (2 in 1 urine for drug),
  • X-Ray Test for lung infectious
  • Doctor Verification

Psychological Assessment

Though very common and prevalent, mental health issues are frequently overlooked and neglected. Mental health testing gives the clinical practitioner an overall picture of how well the person feels emotionally and how well the person is able to think, reason, and remember. The clinical practitioner will also pay attention to the person’s mood, behaviour, thinking, reasoning, memory, and ability to self-express, as well as how well the person gets along with other people, including family and friends. Psychometric instruments are often used together with clinical observations and collateral information-gathering during mental health testing.

Our checking are specific to personal driver and bodyguard which cover:

  • Aggression
  • Hostility
  • Stress Assessment

GPS Tracking Device

GPS tracking device are common items in the market. No matter gps tracker for vehicle or kids are important to instantly access to your vehicle and kids location. In VDRIVE , we do provide a few choices of devices

  • Vehicle GPS Tracking Device
  • GPS Tracking Watch
  • Mini GPS Tracker for Kids


The bodyguard plays a fundamental role in the lives of many people, accompanying them in public and private places or as a driver for different types of transport, from car to helicopter. His figure must be discreet, inspiring confidence and respect at first sight to guarantee security and privacy to principal throughout the day. A bush jacket is important to show him as a professional.